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Express how much you love your community by sharing photos of hearts spread across your town or city!

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Join the national campaign to help your community feel more engaged and connected.

Check out the myriad of ways you can get involved, click the links in each sample for inspiration, and use these ideas as a springboard for building your own, customized campaign. 

1. Solicit & Share Love Stories 
Why do you love where you live? There are many reasons, right? Spread the word in a variety of ways.

2. Celebrate People & Place

Your town and its people are what drives your community. Take the time to honor them!

3. Showcase the Arts

 A vibrant artists’ presence attracts people to a community. Be sure your town embraces creative ideas.

4. Make it Official 

Enlist local officials and businesses to amplify your impact with declarations, sponsorships, and policies