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State of Vermont - Subrecipient Annual Report

August 10, 2023

Grant reporting

The Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR) is required to be submitted to the VT Department of Finance and Management annually by all subrecipients of federally funded grants. Since your local ARPA award is federal funding, you must include it in this report.  

When you are completing the Subrecipient Annual Report, you must include only the  ARPA* funds that were expended during your fiscal year for which you are reporting. Here is what you should include for your local ARPA funds:  

In Section III - Subrecipient Schedule of Federal Expenditure:

  • CFDA Number (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) CFDA numbers have been replaced with ALN (Assistance Listing Number). The ALN for ARPA is 21.027.
  • Granting Agency/Department - U.S. Dept. of the Treasury
  • Grant Number - Use your assigned "Town ID" number which can be found HERE.
  • Expenditures - enter your total ARPA expenditures  for the fiscal year on which you are reporting.  (DO NOT enter the total amount of your award or the total amount of cash you've received - you report ARPA expenditures only.)

*  If you expended any ARPA funds as a "subrecipient" of a grant from an entity other than the U.S. Department of the Treasury (ex. a grant from an Agency or Department of the State of Vermont), then you must also report these funds in the Subrecipient Annual Report and do so separately from your local ARPA funds.  They will have the same CFDA/ALN Number but the Granting Agency and Grant Number will be different. 

If you received any ARPA funds as a "beneficiary," then you do not need to include these funds in this report. 

If you are unsure whether you are "subrecipient" or a "beneficiary," please read this FAQ: What is the difference between a "beneficiary" and a "subrecipient"? and if you are still unsure, then reach out to the Agency, Department or entity that awarded the funds to your town/city/village.

Common Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR) Questions can be found HERE.