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Will Your Town Observe Vermont's Role in the American Revolution?

July 01, 2024

250th Anniversary

The year 2026 will mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the United States of America. 

Vermonters played a significant role in the colonists’ assertion for independence from Great Britain, and, in late 2020, by Executive Order Governor Scott started the acknowledgement ball rolling by establishing our state's 250th Anniversary Commission. With it, Vermont joined other states and the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission in encouraging remembrance of our past, celebrating the present, and looking forward to a promising future.

The mission of the Vermont's 250th Anniversary Commission is to inspire all Vermonters to learn from the history, legacy, and context of the past to build strong Vermont communities for the future. Through collaborative local and statewide initiatives that explore an inclusive history of the American Revolution, Vermont 250 will support and encourage the preparation, planning, and execution of programs and events that examine a formative period of our nation and how it continues to shape our culture and values.

Commission Chair Laura Trieschmann is interviewed in this recent NBC5 In Depth video.

Some towns are adopting 250th anniversary resolutions and forming committees which could still have time to develop FY26 budget proposals by fall 2024 to go before local voters in March 2025. Planning could occur from March 2025 to early 2026 ahead of warmer months when outdoor events would be held. Small grants are available for planning. 

If you are interested in having your town's 250th anniversary event endorsed by the 250th Commission and appear on their statewide schedule, use the request form on the commission's webpage.