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Making employment decisions can be challenging, and uninformed decisions can result in expensive employment practice liability (EPL) claims. PACIF’s EPL Referral Program helps member municipalities avoid making costly employment errors with the benefit of free and timely legal assistance from qualified Vermont attorneys.

EPL Referral Program Basics

  • Call us at 800-649-7915 or email and ask for an EPL referral. We will quickly follow up and briefly discuss your situation with you. When warranted, we will refer your issue to one of the five vetted legal practices most suited to your current situation.
  • The attorney will contact you promptly — a critical element when time is of the essence.
  • PACIF will cover the cost of up to three hours of legal assistance provided under this program. (Occasionally more will be covered if just a small amount of additional legal work is needed.)
  • If you implement this attorney’s advice and are still sued, PACIF will waive your EPL deductible.

Impressive Results

This PACIF program continues to grow more than 50% every year. Members who have used it say it provides exceptional value and, more importantly, helps them make well-informed decisions that greatly reduce the potential for employment practice liability claims.

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