Fair Market Value & Lister Responsibilities (On Demand)

Recorded: April 14, 2022

In part I of this free three-part PVR sponsored series, hear from VLCT MAC and Department of Taxes, Property Valuation and Review staff about the property tax assessments and the listers/assessors role in the process. Sessions include an overview of fair market value, where attendees will learn the central concepts of property assessments, and a presentation on the roles and responsibilities of tax assessment officials and the grievance process, which covers the main steps of lister grievance hearings and discusses the role of a professional appraiser.  This recording will be removed on December 31, 2022, or sooner if changes in the law occur. Information was accurate at the time of recording. For current information refer to the links provided below.

Overview & Welcome: Abby Friedman, VLCT Municipal Assistance Center Director; Jill Remick, VT Dept. of Taxes, Property Valuation and Review Division Director

1. Fair Market Value Overview In this fundamental property tax session, you will learn about the central concepts of property assessments, including fair market value and equalization, with staff from the Vermont Department of Taxes, Division of Property Valuation and Review. Q&A follows the session. Speakers: Christie Wright, Property Valuation and Review Division Field Director; Terri Gildersleeve, Property Valuation and Review Division, Property Valuation Operations Chief

2. Lister Roles and Responsibilities This session addresses the statutory process and deadlines for lister grievance hearings, the main steps of the grievance process, and the role of professional appraisers that may be involved. Speaker: Garrett Baxter, VLCT Municipal Assistance Center Senior Staff Attorney

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