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KnoBe4 cycle: Phish-Analyze-TrainIn recognition of the increasing importance of cybersecurity and the fact that municipalities are preferred targets for phishing and email scams, PACIF has extended its offer of free access to the KnowBe4 cybersecurity training platform until November 7, 2022. Due to the way that the subscription uses email addresses to provide training to purchasers, this service is only available to members who own their email domain.

PACIF will reimburse members that purchase the Diamond level package as specified below. The optional Phish-ER service will also be covered under this program for the PACIF members that qualify. For more information about the Diamond level product and the optional Phish-ER service, visit: We encourage members to review the KnowBe4 program description and pricing grid for more information about KnowBe4 services.

Program Rules and Requirements

  1. As soon as possible but no later than November 7, 2022, contact Tiffany Yeager at KnowBe4 (727-877-8226 or to request the purchase of Diamond level service using the VLCT PACIF standing offer. Members with more than 100 users may also purchase the Phish-ER option at a discount. Purchasing KnowBe4 services via any method other than described above will likely result in a decrease of the reimbursable amount.

  2. If a member purchases these services through another method and receives undiscounted pricing, the most that PACIF will reimburse is the PACIF standing offer discounted pricing for the purchased services.

  3. Subscriptions must be for at least one year.

  4. A municipality that opts to purchase a three-year subscription can seek and receive reimbursement for the first-year costs in 2022 and the second-year costs in 2023. At the present time there is no funding to reimburse members for costs associated with a third year.

  5. Members will execute a subscription agreement with KnowBe4 and complete payment to them. To obtain reimbursement from PACIF, follow the procedures listed below.

  6. This pricing only applies to new KnowBe4 customers. The few members that have existing contracts with KnowBe4 are encouraged to contact PACIF to discuss options on how or when they can access this program. Email us at

  7. PACIF currently has funding to cover the discounted subscription costs for members for 2022 and 2023. As a result, members may purchase a one-year subscription for 2022 and a one-year renewal for 2023. The costs for the 2023 renewal subscription would also be reimbursable but may be subject to limitations depending on whether PACIF can continue to obtain discounted pricing from KnowBe4.

It is important to note that this KnowBe4 standing offer is currently available only until November 7, 2022, so it is critical that interested members act promptly and initiate the purchase of the subscription before that date. Sales that occur after November 7, 2022, are not guaranteed the discounted rate, and PACIF will not reimburse the undiscounted amount.

Reimbursement Procedures

To obtain reimbursement for the purchase of KnowBe4 services, members must provide the following documentation:

  • A copy of the invoice from KnowBe4 that specifies the purchase of Diamond level services (and Phish ER if applicable), the number of email users (“seats”), and total purchase price.
  • A copy of the cancelled check that paid for the service. Ideally, the check should reference the KnowBe4 invoice number.
  • Send these items via email to Jeff LaBossiere at
  • We will review the information. If it is complete, we will provide 100% reimbursement for the discounted purchase of the KnowBe4 services for 2022.

If you have any questions about KnowBe4 services and how they work, please contact KnowBe4. For general questions about the program, eligibility, or reimbursement, please contact us at