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Many small to mid-sized municipalities don’t have staff with technology expertise, and they need to hire companies to manage their systems and services. The following resources, created in collaboration with the Leahy Center for Digital Forensic & Cybersecurity,  can help you select an information technology services provider (IT MSP).  

These tools are based on IT assessments of ten representative municipalities to understand their IT infrastructure and service needs, with the goal of making these resources broadly applicable to small and mid-sized municipalities. 

  • IT Services Options Catalog – Start with this tool. It is designed to use in conjunction with the RFQ template and defines terms and describes service options to help municipal officials understand IT service solutions best suited for their needs. 

  • IT Services RFQ Template – Use this template as the basis for your RFQ. Refer to the Options Catalog to assess service needs and complete Section 3. 

  • IT Services Sample RFQ – This sample is a helpful reference for an example of how to use the options catalog and template. 

Publication Date: 
Thursday, April 07, 2022

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