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PACIF developed the 1-page matrix linked below to guide members in determining which VOSHA requirements for written programs and safety training apply to their municipality. It is based on our understanding of various VOSHA standards as well as our extensive field experience.

We urge department managers to review this matrix and other materials as they develop written programs and provide training that fits the hazards associated with the work their departments do. It is best to carefully review each job's actual job duties and the hazards associated with each task performed before determining the training requirements for that job. Additional training requirements may apply to certain jobs within the departments shown.

Even though some hazards don't require annual training, brief "awareness level" training or "refreshers" are helpful to keep employees knowledgable.

Additional information on OSHA-required training can be found on the OSHA website at Lastly, VLCT Loss Control Consultants are available to provide additional assistance and guidance on any of these issues.

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