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Surveys and Research

The Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) is committed to bringing comprehensive and high-quality data to municipal officials to promote evidence-based decision making. To that end, MAC continues and seeks to expand its efforts to improve its collecting, reporting, and analysis of municipal data. Member assistance, participation, and feedback help increase the variety and quality of our data sources for our surveys, research, and publications. MAC conducts surveys each year on various topics of municipal interest.

For more information on these surveys or to request project assistance, please contact or call 1-800-649-7915.

Annual Compensation and Benefits Survey

The annual Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits survey is an omnibus that collects information about salaries for a wide range of municipal positions as well as information regarding retirement plans, health and dental, and a host of other benefits information. Officials use the survey report to aid them in setting competitive compensation and benefits packages for municipal employees.

This survey is distributed to municipal managers, treasurers, human resources, finance officers, and payroll staff statewide annually. Survey respondents are provided a complimentary digital and hard copy version of the report. Non-respondents and others may purchase a copy of the packaged report via the VLCT Store.

Annual Member Survey

Each year we collect information from individual members on their experiences with VLCT, issues and concerns facing their communities, and needs for the future of VLCT products and services. This information is instrumental to our advocacy and program efforts, Additionally, we use this information to improve our product and services to better support you in your municipal roles. Your voice matters to us!

The annual member survey is live for 2023! Survey deadline: October 13, 2023

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Annual Member Survey QR Code

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