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Project Management: Gantt Charts - April 7, 2023

When multiple grants fund a project, keeping track of tasks, deadlines, reporting, and grant agreement compliance activities can become complex. Using a tool like a Gantt chart can help manage the complexities. A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that illustrates your project's schedule and tracks its progress. It's an easy-to-digest way to capture tasks, their start and end dates, who's assigned to complete them, and when meetings, approvals, and deadlines must happen. Consultants often include simple Gantt charts in their proposals to help demonstrate a project's proposed schedule. Once the initial information is input into the chart, dates can be changed from expected to actual, and you can see whether the start and end dates for other tasks may need adjustment to finish the project on time. Gantt charts can be simple Word or Excel files with color coded blocks or complex software that links interdependent activities. They allow you to layer and color code information for each grant, so you have a snapshot of what's due and when. Learn more about Gantt charts and download free Gannt chart excel files and watch tutorials for using them HERE

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