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FEMA Public Assistance - How to Apply

Email flood recovery or FEMA PA program questions to:

DEADLINE TO APPLY:  October 12, 2023

 Apply Now

Your municipality must apply for FEMA Public Assistance funding. It is a grant, and, just like any other grant, there is an application process to receive an award of funds. An application for PA funding is called a Request for Public Assistance (RPA). Therefore, RPA = application.

When your municipality is ready to submit an RPA, use the Public Assistance Grants Portal. The Portal is used to account for all activities associated with your municipality's damage claims. You can and should use the Grants Portal to:

  • Register for and update an Applicant Profile:
    • If your municipality already has a profile, then sign in using your existing credentials. DO NOT create a duplicate profile for your municipality.
    • If your municipality does not yet have a profile, then create one by clicking on Register Your Organization for Public Assistance.
    • Select DR4720 to be a part of Vermont's 2023 July flooding event.
  • Submit a Request for Public Assistance.
  • Upload project documentation.

FEMA will make contact with your municipality only after your municipality is an Applicant in the Grants Portal and has attended an Applicant Briefing.  

FEMA accepts RPAs up to 30 days from the date the respective area was designated. 

Applicant Briefings

If your municipality was unable to attend one of the Applicant Briefings offered July 31 – August 4, then you can watch the recording and review the presentation materials on our FEMA PA Applicant Briefing page.

 Tools To Help You Get Started

** Please note that both of these tools are from March 2020, so some instructions for the Grants Portal may look a little different than you'll see online now. For example, where they refer to your DUNS number, use your Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), which replaced DUNS numbers in April 2022.  

You Must Have an Active Registration

Is your municipality's registration with active? It must be in order for you to receive FEMA PA funding! 

To sign into, you will need a account. (Follow instructions here if you don't already have an account.)

Email flood recovery or FEMA PA program questions to:
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