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Grant Basics Recordings and Resources

Setting priorities and selecting the right projects are cornerstones for winning grants. Successful projects are built on the pillars of strong leadership, communication, organization, coordination, and partnership. Join VLCT’s Federal Funding Assistance Program to learn how to turn ideas into projects, including:

  • gathering ideas, setting priorities, and selecting project concepts;
  • establishing roles and responsibilities that set your project up for success;
  • creating a project team to harmonize communication and avoid surprises;
  • finding help when you have a capacity gap; and
  • understanding project and grant readiness.

Upcoming Grant Basic sessions:
May 28, 2024 - Grant Basics: Project Development - Ways to Fund Your Project
August 20, 2024 - Grant Basics: Managment

Katie Buckley, Federal Funding Assistance Program Director, VLCT
Bonnie Waninger, Federal Funding Assistance Program Specialist, VLCT

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