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Funding Database (all programs) - Our partners at Chittenden Country Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) have done an excellent job of compiling a comprehensive database of funding sources that are available to municipalities and local projects.  We thank them for doing this work and allowing VLCT to post a link to their page on our website here: CCRPC Funding Database.

Historic Municipally-Owned Buildings - For a list of potential funding sources for rehabilitating historic buildings, please click HERE.

Agency of Commerce and Community Development  

Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) ARPA Funding Opportunities:

  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Elimination and Abatement The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation will issue grants to municipalities to accelerate CSO elimination projects, allowing these projects to progress on a faster schedule and with more affordability to the ratepayers.
  • Mobile Home Park Solutions - Many manufactured housing communities (also known as mobile home parks) in Vermont struggle to provide clean and adequate drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and drainage systems. This funding will provide grants to improve living conditions for people in manufactured housing communities and help residents follow Vermont’s environmental regulations.  Grants can be used to complete a needs assessment, receive technical assistance, and cover construction costs necessary to implement water infrastructure solutions. 
  • Individual Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems - This program will provide financial assistance to residential property owners, including owner-occupied multi-family properties with up to four units, to install or repairs systems. The Agency of Natural Resources will provide ARPA funding to owner/applicant-occupied single and multi-unit residential properties that have failing or inadequate on-site water and/or wastewater systems. 
  • 3-Acre Stormwater  - This program will help Vermont citizens and businesses follow new rules for properties with three or more acres of impervious surfaces (e.g. rooftops, paved or gravel areas) that require pollution-reducing stormwater treatment. 
  • Pretreatment Capacity - Funding will be available to invest in wastewater pretreatment systems that reduce high strength or incompatible waste at municipal wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Village Drinking and Wastewater Initiative - This funding is now available to help municipalities develop or expand public drinking water systems and community wastewater disposal systems where this critical infrastructure is lacking. This grant funding will bridge the affordability gap, protect public health, increase affordable housing, support economic development and incentivize compact growth in Vermont’s designated villages and neighborhoods.  These ARPA funds will be used in a “co-funding” model with the State Revolving Loan Funds, USDA -Rural Development support, or locally available funding. Co-funding means that ARPA funding will be used to complement other funding sources to achieve affordability. The assistance will be primarily in the form of grants, but pending eligibility determination, may include refinancing for planning, design, land purchase, or construction of active as-of-yet completed projects.