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To meet the April 30, 2022 reporting requirements, VLCT developed a guidance document to help Vermont municipalities file their reports.  It is a screen -by-screen walk through, with pictures and written instructions, for actual Vermont NEUs in Treasury's portal.  It will show you how to designate the necessary roles, upload the required documents and complete your first Project and Expenditure Report, if you have not spent any ARPA funds as of March 31, 2022 and are taking the standard allowance for the full amount of your ARPA award. A copy of this document can be found HERE or click the image below:

If you are unsure about the standard allowance and need help explaining it to others, we have a FAQ that speaks to it HERE.  But you must act quickly, the only time for you to elect the standard allowance approach for revenue loss is in the April 30, 2022 reporting period:

If you intend to make the decision to take the standard allowance on the record during a meeting of your legislative body, then we have a template resolution HERE.  If you would prefer a simple motion instead of a resolution, language can be found HERE.  

Updates on ARPA compliance and reporting can be found on our ARPA: Compliance and Reporting page.

Have questions about ARPA?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.  If you don't find your answer there, email




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