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ARPA: Compliance and Reporting

DECEMBER 31, 2024

Time is running out for you to "obligate" your ARPA funds.  Don't wait.  Make a plan now.  

All ARPA funds must be "obligated" this. Any ARPA funds not obligated by December 31, 2024 must be returned to Treasury. 

  • Just transferring your ARPA funds into your general fund without specifying an offsetting expenditure (example: "ARPA funds are being used to pay for payroll expenses for the period XX/XX/XXXX- XX/XX/XXXX") does not meet the definition of obligated

  • “Allocating," "appropriating,” “designating,” “setting aside,” “reserving,” etc. your ARPA funds does not meet the definition for obligated!  

If your municipality has remaining ARPA funds that are not obligated (aka under a signed contract or vendor accepted purchase order) and doesn't think that it will before October 1st, consider contacting VLCT for help creating a plan to ensure you keep every penny of your ARPA funds.  There are solutions that we can help you find.  Email us:


The deadline to submit your 2024 Project and Expenditure Report was April 30, 2024.  The next required reporting for NEUs (all municipalities except Burlington) will be de by April 30, 2025.  Even if your municipality has previously reported all ARPA funds as obligated and expended, you still must report every year.  

​Access Treasury's Reporting Portal Here  

Trouble Accessing the US Treasury Portal?  


Key resources to help you prepare for your report:


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