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FEMA Public Assistance Program Compliant Contracts

Drafting contracts to be compliant with FEMA's Public Assistance Program (PA) is critical to ensuring reimbursement for qualifying projects.  Missing even one required contract provision could be the difference between money arriving in your bank account or you asking your taxpayers to foot the bill.  

With this in mind, VLCT worked with its State and Federal partners to create this FEMA PA Compliant Contracts bundle to help you get it right:

  1. FEMA PA Contract Provisions Quick Guide
  2. Two contract templates.  Edit the one that is best suited to meet your municipality's needs:
    1. Contract for Highway Maintenance and Repair (template)
    2. Contract for Limited Services (template)
    3. Contract provision attachments that can be added to your contracts according to their size (be sure to pick the appropriate template and then edit all sections highlighted in GREEN to reflect your municipality's specific information):
      1. For Contracts Under $10,000
      2. For Contracts Over $10,000 but Under $100,000
      3. For Contracts Over $100,000 but Under $150,000
      4. For Contracts Over $150,000

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