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FEMA Public Assistance Program (PA)

Email flood recovery or FEMA PA program questions to:

Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) division of the Department of Public Safety, administers FEMA's Public Assistance program (PA) as the "Recipient" for the State of Vermont. Eligible "Applicants" for the Program, like Vermont's local governments and certain types of private non-profits, are considered "Subrecipients" once they are awarded PA funding.  VEM is the sole authority and main point of contact for Vermont's Public Assistance Program.

To help support VEM during this busy time, VLCT has created this FEMA Public Assistance program (PA) page.  Its purpose is to provide you with the most current guidance, tools, templates, forms, etc. from FEMA.  If your municipality has sustained damage from the July 2023 flooding known by FEMA as "Vermont Severe Storms and Flooding" (FEMA-4720-DR) and will seek PA funding, please bookmark this page.


FEMA has an official YouTube channel for Public Assistance:  FEMA PA Grants Portal - Grants Manager Channel.  It contains many videos that could be helpful as you navigate the PA process that lies ahead, especially FEMA's Grant Portal .  Some videos are informational and some are instructional.  Videos relating to different PA events (like COVID-19) all appear on the same page, so you will need to pay close attention to the titles and purposes of each.  Below are a few that might be helpful in the early stages of the PA process: