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VLCT is currently establishing its new ARPA Coordination and Assistance Program and seeking candidates for the new position that resulted from the passage of H.315. Please share the advertisement if you know a good candidate.

We'll have more information in the coming weeks and months, but please contact us if you have questions. Until our ARPA Coordination and Assistance Program is in place, the primary contact is Karen Horn, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy. You can reach her at

VLCT and its members appreciate that Vermont’s Congressional Delegation fought for this local assistance.  This is the first time since the early eighties that the federal government has provided direct, unrestricted financial assistance to local units of government.

Local Allocations

The U.S. Department of Treasury is in the process of refining the estimates for allocations from Local Fiscal Relief Funds. Early estimations for each municipality across the country have been released. Use the link below from the National League of Cities Allocation Tracker to find out how much your community may be eligible for.

DISCLAIMER: These are estimates from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight, not final allocations. They do not include county funds that in Vermont are anticipated to be distributed to local governments.

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