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Can it be?! No one knew the answer to last month’s trivia question! You remember it, right? Q: What was the first Act 250 permit? A: The Rutland District Commission: timber harvest above 2,500 feet elevation on state lands in Mt. Holly. An overflowing cauldron of congrats to Brendon Whittaker for stumping our trivialogists! First time, in, oh, in ages!

According to a reliable source, a Vermont mountain was named by a party of hunters who went out one winter’s day in search of deer on that same natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level. Regrettably, their GPS receiver was on the fritz and the men got lost in the woods. They had to stay out all night with nothing to eat save one partridge, “and that without salt or sauce.” (Oh, the tribulation!) When, on the following day, they finally found their way home, they were half starved and wholly tuckered out, telling anyone who would listen that they had been on ________.

The name stuck. What was – and still is (I just checked) – the name of the mountain? If you know the answer, email it without delay to My answer will appear in the flabbergastingly frosty February fishue.